Plasma Preparation Tube For the Preparation of Undiluted Plasma for use with Molecular Diagnostic Test Methods

  • Vacutainer  (BD-362788)

Vacutainer (BD-362788)

$1,750.00 USD

 The BD Vacutainer

 PPT™ Plasma Preparation Tube (BD PPT™ Tube) is a plastic evacuated tube for the collection of venous blood which upon centrifugation separates undiluted EDTA plasma for use in molecular diagnostic test methods (such as but not limited to PCR - polymerase chain reaction and/or bDNA - branched DNA amplification techniques) or other procedures where an undiluted EDTA plasma specimen is required as determined by the laboratory.


100 tubes to a tray 

10 trays to a case

1,000 Tubes / Case



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