P2 ® HiRisk™ Chemotherapy Gown, (8586, 8587,8588)

  • P2 ® HiRisk™ Chemotherapy Gown

P2 ® HiRisk™ Chemotherapy Gown

 P2® HiRisk Chemotherapy Gowns provide maximum protection.

Gown, poly-coated front & sleeves, maximum protection, blue, closed back, knit cuffs, secure neck closure, ties at waist, 3 sizes.


• Closed back design for ultimate protection


• Meets OSHA, ASHP and ONS recommendations for wearing gowns when handling chemotherapy drugs


• Polyethylene coated front and sleeves


• Long sleeves with knit cuffs


• Ties at waist with Velcro closure at neck



10 gowns/bag 3 bags/case 30 gowns/case



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