Needle, 18 x 3.5" BD305184

  • Needle, 18 x 3.5"  BD405184

Needle, 18 x 3.5" BD405184

$10.00 USD


NEEDLE, 18 x 3.5" 



Yes, I understand that this item is considered a State Restricted item according to the Prescription Marketing Act of 1988. If I am located in the states of CA, CT, DE, IL, MA, NH, NJ, NY, PA, RI or in Puerto Rico and in order to lift this restriction, I will provide a business shipping address or a copy of my Medical, Wholesale Drug, Veterinary, Pharmaceutical, or Pharmaceutical Distributors License. If I do not have such license, but still wish to purchase this product, I will provide a signed Certificate of Non-Human Or Non-Animal Use to Vision Medical, Inc. before my order is processed.

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