smaller tamper proof evidence bags

  • Evidence Bags

Evidence Bags

Get evidence bags in any quantity. Order just a few bags in single quantities (1 pk) or save money and buy a 100 pack. We now offer a sample pack of bags, which includes two of each size of paper and plastic.

Paper Evidence Bags: Our paper evidence bags are brown paper with a printed area to list the chain of custody. Red evidence sealing tape is not included. 

Bags are priced according to size and quantity. 

1) S,  5 1/8  x 3 1/4 x 9 1/2 inches 
2) M, 7  x 4  x 13 1/2 inches
3) L, 12  x 7  x 17 inches  

Plastic Evidence Bags: Our plastic evidence bags have tamper-evident designs on it to indicate if the evidence is still secure. These bags are leak-proof and are made of thick, tear-and-puncture-resistant plastic. The adhesive closure is extremely strong. Each plastic bag has a chain-of-custody/evidence label printed on the front. 

Bags are priced according to size and quantity. 
A) S, 6  x 9 inches 
B) M, 9  x 12 inches
C) L, 12  x 16 inches

Serialized Numbering: All plastic Bags have serialized numbering imprinted on the bag and tear-off receipt.

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