Original Bureau Scale dual edged

  • Dual Edge Corner Squares

Dual Edge Corner Squares

 The original Bureau Scale is a specific corner square based on FBI guidelines and recommendations. These items have been used for decades as official equipment for their photographers at crime scenes. Use the Bureau Scales as measurement guides when taking photographs out in the field, the black-and-white graphics are calculated to give the user clarity and great readability from a distance.
Each of these Bureau Scales are double sided with inverse colors on the opposite sides. Black Background/White Graphics & White Background/Black Graphics is the standard color option. This is a fixed angle corner square, no assembly or moving parts can be found. Each of the Bureau Scales ordered comes with a graphics-matching ruler and is 15cm long.

Another feature of our Bureau Scales are the Parralox Circles at each of the ends. The Parralox Circles are a useful tool to the people who analyze the photographs that have our scales within the frame. An investigator can examine the shape and displacement of the circle graphics in order to determine if the picture was taken at an angle or if there is a change of depth. This is something that would be incredibly difficult to ascertain using rulers without these circles. The Parralox Circles help to prove our commitment to making measuring devices that achieve the highest level of accuracy and functionality.


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