Corner Graduated Edge Forensic Reference Squares

  • Graduated Edge Coroner Squares Forensic Reference Tool

Graduated Edge Coroner Squares Forensic Reference Tool

 Corner Squares are an incredibly useful frame of reference tool for the professional crime scene forensic.  We provide many, many varieties of corner squares, with options including length, color, and the material used.

The four high quality materials used in making these Inside Edge Graduated Corner Squares are paper (thick card stock), paper with adhesive backing, plastic (.03 TK), and plastic with magnetic backing. Most colors can be applied to any of the materials. Exceptions, like not being able to put magnetic backing onto a clear corner square, are noted by their part numbers being absent in the pricing charts below. The adhesive backed corner squares come on a liner and have a high tack adhesive so that you can stick it anywhere and remove it without causing surface damage or leaving a residue. The Phosphorescent color is one that glows in the dark after absorbing light energy creating a light green/yellow shine.


A special feature that all of the corner squares in this category share is our unique Optirectilinear® graphics. These are the black rectangles you see on many of our products. These graphics extend the visible range of the increments and help clarify reading taken from photographs.


Customizations and private labeling are available. Please contact an sales associate for a quote.


Availbe in   Metric  and Fractional available in either Paper Adhesive Back Pack of 20 or Plastic  Single


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