Autopsy Knives Disposable

  • Autopsy Knives Disposable

Autopsy Knives Disposable


  Knives designed to cut and dissect tissues during procedures performed on the body following death (i.e., postmortem procedures). These knives typically consist of sturdy handheld, manual instruments with a proximal handle and an integral cutting blade at the distal end. Postmortem knives are used mainly during autopsy and cadaver dissection. Dedicated postmortem knives are available for a variety of procedures, including grossing, organ dissection, and trimming procedures.

4" Cartilage Knife 10/ box

6" Trimming Knife 10/box

8" Autopsy & Surgical Knife 10 / box

10" Lung Knife 10/ box

12" Brain Knife 10 / box

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