GHSU/ Georgia Coroners Association District 2 Annual Coroner Symposium

Brunswick Georgia Medical Examiner Testifies about Death of Mobile Home Victims

On Wednesday, a Georgia medical examiner testified that autopsies show victims killed inside a mobile home four years ago died from multiple blows to the head from a long, thin weapon. This weapon could be a nightstick according to Dr. Edmund Donoghue in a testimony at the trial of Guy Heinze Jr. in Brunswick Georgia. 

Heinze is charged with the murder of his father and seven relatives in August, 2009. If convicted, Heinze could face the death penatly.

According to prosecuters, police suspect the victims were beaten with a shotgun barrel. Heinze has pleaded not guilty.

Federal Corruption Charges Filed Against Louisiana St. Tammany Parish Coroner Dr. Peter Galvan

In a bill of information on October 11th, chargers were filed again Dr. Peter Galvan. Galvan was a coroner working at the St. Tammany Parish, Louisiana where he had numerous corruption charges. These include taking vacation and sick days when he did not have the ability to. The cost of the days taken totals $111,376. St Tammany Parish also lost $50,000 when Galvan was using other employees to run a side bushiness. According to the bill of information, Galvan also used more than $9,000 of coroner's office funds to buy a generator for a personal boat. This is not the first example of corruption at the St. Tammany Parish coroner's office. Kim Kelly, the chief financial officer for the coroner, resigned in early June.  A month earlier, in early May, Executive Director Melanie Comeaux left the office.